About Our Program

Our approach to world language learning

We have been serving San Diego County for over 22 years continuously offering classes during the school day integrated in school curriculum, in homes for home-schooling families, and as after school enrichment. Now, we have also developed engaging and meaningful live lessons for virtual learners. Our team of teachers has years of experience teaching Spanish to all ages and they bring their cultural background into their lessons to provide a unique and authentic approach to learning Spanish! The curriculum for our Spanish lessons has been carefully custom designed and curated to reflect the cultural diversity of the Spanish language.

Using Total Physical Response and Comprehensible Input models, students are immersed in the language using a transdisciplinary approach enabling them to make connections, apply their learning, and develop language in a meaningful and fun context.

Whether you are looking for customized units, rigorous private lessons, Spanish led playgroups, or just a teacher to help organize remote learning, we can help!